Art Competition

The winners of the competition will be those who receive the most likes during the month. The top 10 submissions which receive the most likes during the month will be the winners. Likes received from months prior to the current month will not count towards the current month's contest.
First Prize:
Second Prize:
Third Prize:
Fourth Prize:
Fifth Prize:
Sixth Prize:
Seventh Prize:
Eighth Prize:
Ninth Prize:
Tenth Prize:
The top three winners will be promoted via our network of artists and registered users. We will write and publish an article and submit it to over 6000 media related businesses and bloggers. You will be mentioned on our twitter and every user will be notified of your success and winning piece including those who did not participate in the competition via our dashboard notifications.

Contest Rules

You must own the copyright to your submissions. If you upload someone else's copyrighted piece it will be disqualified and removed from the competition and you will be banned from the site at our discretion. All submissions must be your copyright. Submitting someone else's copyright is not permitted and Exporting Art reserves the right to remove and ban you from the site.
  • Exporting Art may remove any submissions from the contest for any reason we deem necessary.
  • Exporting art reserves the right to remove any submissions for whatever reason we deem necessary.
  • If you are a winner in the contest, and require parental permission for payment, we will need to receive this permission before we can send payment.
  • If you cheat, or we suspect you of cheating, to generate fake likes for your submissions then your piece/s will be disqualified from t he contest.
  • Your submissions must be in compliance with our terms in order to qualify for the contest.
  • Your submissions must comply with our terms and conditions in order to qualify for the contest.
  • Winners will be announced within 3 business days after the last day of each month.
  • Winners will be notified by the email address associated with their Exporting Art account.
  • Winners will be notified by the email account associated with their Exporting Art profile.
  • You must have a paypal account in order to receive payments.
  • You maintain your art piece as your own property.
  • Number 11 to 20 will have 10% of their likes added onto next months competition.
  • A user is allowed to submit a maximum of 3 submissions per contest.
  • Entries cut off the last Monday of the month at midnight GMT.
  • In order to have your piece eligible to enter the competition the piece/s must be submissions in your portfolio first .
  • All submissions must be tasteful and nudity is not allowed. We decide at our discretion if a piece is eligible.