Common Courtesy

ExportingArt is completely free to join, therefore, we ask you to show the respect and common courtesy to the site and to all of its visitors and users of this site. We do not accept or tolerate on any levels, rude, nude, religious, racial or sexiest comments or materials of any sort. If you think to yourself it might be wrong, it probably is, so use common sense. If you do not abide by these rules we will be forced to take any actions necessary to bring justice to the matter. If you would like to ask our permission first, please email us on the contact us page and we will review and let you know.

ExportingArt is dedicated to helping people and businesses of the art community share and promote for free. We ask the members of to refrain from comments which are prejudiced in any manner. Please refrain from any offensive statements based on someone or somethings gender or sexual preference. You are not allowed to post anything nude period. Anything negative is met with zero tolerance PERIOD. Comments which are abusive, aggressive or insulting are prohibited on all levels and we ask you to please report anyone or anything you have seen instantly. Speaking ones opinion in a racist, aggressive, or religious manner is not what this site is for. SO do NOT do it!!

If you feel that you or the submissions you have placed have been the target of negative abusive, inappropriate comments or anything you would deem harassment, please contact via our contact page at the bottom of the site. If you feel someone is representing you and it is something you do not want please contact us via email at the bottom of the website.

ExportingArt is a free community for the arts and we will not tolerate any sort of negative behaviour ON ANY LEVELS. A user that does not show common courtesy will be banned for life.