Copyright Policy

Clients submitting their art need to have the necessary copyright or permission to utilize the art and or image. The copyright is usually retained by the person who has created the art and is thus the only person whom may legally submit such art on the ExportingArt website. The family or estate may also retain the copyright and written permission from them must be given to the member who submits the art on the ExportingArt website. Members are responsible and liable for the images and art they submit and promote on the ExportingArt website. ExportingArt assumes no liability for members that submit, add or promote via the ExportingArt website. Any copyright issues, concerns and financial liability will be assumed entirely by the member who has added the submission.

Uploaded photographs, images, art and bio's must be submitted by the client who has the permission or copyright privileges. Once a photograph, image or art is uploaded to the ExportingArt website it is assumed that the permission to promote such photograph, image or art has been given to the member or they as the member hold such copyright in every legal sense and entity. The member agrees to all terms set out by ExportingArt and take full responsibility for anything they upload to the ExportingArt website including bio pages.

ExportingArt respects the rights of original artists. A masterpiece may be reproduced once it becomes part of the public domain. The original artist and their estate hold the copyright to the work until 70 years has passed after their death. Artworks that have not become part of the public domain require permission from the estate to reproduce, advertise or promote. ExportingArt is committed to respecting the rights of the original artist and will never accept anything uploaded to the ExportingArt website that is subject to copyright infringement.

If you or anyone you know has uploaded anything that has or may be subject to copyright infringement we ask you to please inform us immediately via our contact us page at the bottom of the website.

ExportingArt is a free art community and we respect the rights of original artists. We have a zero tolerance policy for any sort of copyright infringement and we will try our best to take immediate action to remove it from our site. ExportingArt assumes no liability for any copyright infringement and it is the full responsibility and liability of the members of the site that submit the art and or commit the infringement to receive 100% of the penalty and or legal actions if they arise.